My rules and boundaries are easy to understand. I will roleplay:

* Multiple characters (NPC types and others. Some of my characters may be group oriented.)
* Sexual encounters, but only if story line and grammar are existent.
* Blood, death, violence, or devastation. By this, I mean in context, of course. I'm not one fore mindless mayhem.
* Canon or Fanon. Meaning, if there is a story or time that exists as a book, movie, television series, etc. I will work the best I can to understand it and portray it in RP.
* Fantasy type RP's including the Wizards of the Coast universes and other branches there of. I also have my own universes that have been created, but characters from those places can be imported to a different genre, as to be flexible.

 I will NOT roleplay:

* Strong sexual themes of mutilation, violence, or undead partners. This excludes vampires.
* One lining or bad grammar. (No T1, T2 bullshit.) If you are going to take the time to enjoy a dual-written story, be sure to do your part and uphold some kind of respect to the English Language (well, as much as the bastardized thing deserves.)